It's Election Day!

Today is an important day and no matter what age, I feel it is important for us to teach our children in the most age appropriate manner. So I was surfing teacherspayteachers for items to use and there was so much devoted to actually talking about Trump and Hilary, but our kindergartners don't understand who they are or what they represent. I think all they need to know is that these two people are running for president and they both have different ideas for how to run our country. Some stuff was going way BEYOND their little minds. I did find something kind of fun. It is a little book titled Yes! You can Become President! Very basic. And it came with a fun cut and paste activity AND a true/false comprehension worksheet. Just right for my little Preston. I also am going to read a couple of books. One is called One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote.  A Dr. Seuss book! It is wonderful! And I have another book called If I Ran for President. Later on today I found another blogger I subscribe to write a post on election day and she provided a list of things you can do and she gave a great idea! Have your child watch as the states come in. Print out a map and have them color them blue or red. This is an AWESOME idea! Coloring AND involving them a bit in that process is neat, so I am going to try that out as well! And, of course, I will be taking him to the polls with me so he can experience the process and know it is important to be a part of our democracy!

Do any of you have ideas on what to do for Election Day activities with little ones? Please leave a comment!

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