Getting Sick While Homeschooling

Well, I have come across a problem that I never really gave much thought to. We have been moving along just fine and then I returned to work. That first week of work wasn't too bad, but the second week was just downright awful. It was awful because I was sick. I caught a cold from my littles. So it started three weeks ago when Riley caught a cold. I didn't think much of it. I took care of her and she seemed to be doing well. Well, the first week I go back to work Preston is sick. He got sick on a Friday. We did no school work on a Friday. 

I got to thinking, what do I do when we get sick? Well, I suppose the same thing as if he were in school. He would stay home. When Preston gets sick he is REALLY SICK. We literally did nothing. So I just noted that on my daily log and moved on. However....

That Sunday, I got it. I didn't think it was going to be bad, but it was terrible. I got to thinking well what do I do when I am the teacher and I cannot teach? This is a serious problem. Well, I did the best I could. We only did Math on that Monday, then on Tuesday we did three things and then on Wednesday we were up and running again. I simply just noted it on my daily log. I mean what can you do when you are sick? Not much. This is also why it is important that we do year-round learning. It allows for much more flexibility. 

But now we are back in business and learning many new things. Preston is working  continuing to practice beginning sounds for Spelling and Phonics. We just finished learning about short A and will be working on the -AT word family. I will talk about Kiz Phonics, which is what I use as curriculum order to follow for explicit teaching of Phonics. I actually think I need to make my own curriculum. 

In Math, we are almost finished skip counting. We did 2s and 5s. This week we learn the 10s. In Science we are learning about frogs and the pond habitat. Preston learned the frog life cycle and the levels of the pond. A field trip to the pond will be taking place next week. Then we will be taking a break and focusing on apples for the month of September. There are so many things you can do with apples.

In Social Studies we continue to learn about community helpers, but it I think we will take a break and schedule some field trips in and learn about what it means to be a good citizen. This way he can link the community helpers together.

So many fun things taking place in our home in regards to learning. It is so good to be back and rather healthy. We all still have some symptoms, but feeling much, much better.

If you homeschool, or even if you don't, comment below as to how you manage to get through your day.

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