Day in the Life of a Homeschooler!

Well, friends September is almost behind us and we have created some wonderful memories so far this school year, but reflecting back on the month I think about what it looks like each day to be a homeschooling Momma. Our days are so busy because remember I am an actual teacher and I teach all day, so our homeschooling schedule begins at 4 PM each day. Probably unusual for most, but hey, you have to do what works for your family. However, just because we start at 4 PM doesn't mean this momma isn't preparing. I actually begin each day at 6 AM with plenty of caffeine. I will make sure I have all things ready to go for that day, so I am printing and laminating away! I will then fill out my awesome Daily Log that is required by the state of Pennsylvania as to what materials we use each day, so I fill that out for the day prior. Now usually, as a teacher I like to plan the entire week out, but I don't find that efficient because each day brings different things and I never know if Preston will master a skill, so I want to allow for flexibility. However, I do have a mental plan of what it should look like. So after I fill out my Daily Log, I fill out my planner for the day prior documenting all our learning activities.

Okay, so both my little ones sleep late because I keep them up until 10 PM. Again, this is NOT traditional and many people love to judge away, but this works for my schedule. At noon I have lunch. At that time we will do the calendar and the days of the week. We will also do the weather and the seasons. I only get a half hour for lunch, so I am rushing around taking care of both Preston and Riley. I can only imagine what it will look like when Riley turns preschool age! Two to homeschool! I think at that point I will just have to become a stay-at-home mom.

At 4 PM Preston's TSS arrives and we have goals we work on, but in between that we start to sneak in our school work. Now I don't adhere to a structured schedule. I think in terms of content and whatever is heavier or more difficult, we do that first. Sometimes it is easier to transition to school work by doing our sight word flash cards. We are almost through the kindergarten sight words already! Fry's first 100 are almost mastered! It is the most amazing thing to see your child learn to read! But each day we cover sight words, spelling, a story with or without activities, phonics, math, art OR music. In art we may do cross curriculum, but we are focusing on particular artists this year. We just learned about Pablo Picasso. For music we are using rhythm sticks and hand bells. We are also learning about the various orchestra instruments. We then cover either Science or Social Studies, and writing. Health, PE, and Safety are somehow incorporated as we can.

All in all it is a busy day. We are usually done by 8PM, but sometimes it is a bit later. Now it takes us longer because we take frequent breaks. I find by doing that Preston retains more information and then doesn't put up a fight.

So as you can see we are very non-traditional in our ways.

Please comment as to how your day looks!

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