Back To Work, Back To School!

So, I went back to work yesterday. I had such high anxiety as to what it was going to look like. And even then it won't look right until September 6th when I actually begin teaching. These next two weeks is professional development. All about getting things ready. 

So home life was not too bad. Preston and Riley reverted back to their normal sleeping pattern, which is to sleep rather late. Riley awakes around 10ish or 11ish, depends on how napping goes during the day. Preston wakes up noonish. My children sleep late because we go to bed at 10. I do this for a reason--so I can manage my work day around them. Most of my pertinent live sessions are done first thing in the morning. I get all those done while they are sleeping. Riley tends to wake during that last live session. So when I get the chance I get her up and ready, then provide her with breakfast and juice while watching cartoons. From then she wanders between the living room (which I can see from my office) and our bedroom. The kitchen is gated off, the stairs are gated off, and everything else is not necessarily dangerous. Believe it or not she is quiet. I don't know how. I am not going to ask.

Lunch time is pretty hectic as we only get a half hour. By then, both Riley and Preston are awake. So I take care of both their needs, feed them or give them a snack, and then it is back to work. Live teaching is the only time I am not flexible. I have scheduled times to teach and I manage like you would not believe. The afternoon I only have a small RTII group providing a 20 minute intervention and a 20 minute asynchronous activity. The rest is meetings and planning. All, which can be managed with or without screaming children, as long as I am listening in and interacting. No one can believe how I do it. Half the time I cannot believe I do it. I mean, who does two jobs at one time? This woman does!

And people then say, "And you homeschool?!" Yep, sure do. I do it all. A jack of all trades. Schooling only take 2-3 hours, sometimes 4, but that is rare. My workday is done at 4. I have office hours at 3, so that gives me some flexibility. So I start schooling around 3 with activities that Preston can do at his table here in our schoolroom without my direct simple things that we can get out of they way. Normally a spelling page or some cutting, just depends on what we are doing.

Then from 4-5:30 we have a TSS here Monday thru Thursday. We do work on school at this time, but we will be working on some other skills here shortly. 5:30 I break to make dinner. I have a menu for the week. Organization is a must if you homeschool. If we don't get everything done before 5:30 we work until about 7ish, 7:30. If we go past 8 we are having a bad day because Preston is not having a good day or there was just so much to cover.

So our days are VERY busy, but this works for me AND we have such fun with school. It is the BEST time of day. 

You are probably wondering, what about appointments, shopping, etc? Yep, all appointments are made for 4PM and after, so those mess up our days, but hey, we are flexible here and we can work with it. Those days we have appointments we may skip Science/Social Studies and Art/Music. Those subjects are every other day, so they can easily be made up the next time. Shopping gets done on weekends.

As I am writing this, I think this sounds awful, but it truly is not awful. We are so connected all day and things flow quite well. Of course I have bad days, the kids have bad days, but who doesn't? We are not perfect. Overall, this works for our family. I'm sure there are people that disagree, but to each their own, right?

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